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Service is a fundamental priority at Lakeside Window Company.

We have our own service department, which means the builder doesn’t have to worry about servicing windows we have provided after the home is complete. If a homeowner encounters a problem with a window after they are in the home, they contact us directly.

Our goal is to handle the entire window and door program, so the builder can concentrate on other areas of the building process.

A comprehensive window analysis is a critical step in planning a new home. Lakeside’s knowledgeable sales staff thoroughly reviews the home design with the builder, architect, or homeowner to determine the brand or combination of brands that fits the project budget and client’s desires. Each window is explored for optimal size, type of glass, hardware, and interior finish.

Other programs at Lakeside Window Company to assist builders include screen storage until the home is nearly complete, and prompt on-site delivery.

Our in-house service team delivers and installs the screens we store. We also recommend that the builder take delivery on the window package no more than a day or two before they will be installed. That helps to minimize the potential for damage to windows or interior finish surfaces before installation.

The wide range of products available from Lakeside Window Company, as well as the knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, ensure that our customers will obtain prime selections for their home window package.

I belive that a building company is a reflection of the subcontractors they use. We pride ourselves on being an excellent subcontractor for our builders. If we can promote the builder’s reputation by doing our job well, then we feel we have been successful.


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